Cayla's Specialties:

Adolescents 12+


Grief and Loss

Life Transitions

Identity Development

Sports Performance Anxiety

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Cayla Holloman


With an M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a background working with youth and adults in various settings, my areas of specialty include adolescent development and identity formation, sports performance anxiety, and grief and loss, among other important topics. I see teens and adults ages 12 and up.

I believe that as relational beings, we each have a desire to be seen and to be understood. This can be achieved through the formation and sharing of your story—in a trusted environment free of judgment and shame. Your story is full of moments that have surprised you, hurt you, challenged you, and changed you. It involves moments of joy and happiness, but also times of great sadness, and pain. We all experience life with its unexpected twists and turns. Too often people let us down, and in the process we let ourselves down too. I am a firm believer that interpreting and redefining these moments of influence in your life--particularly of life’s disappointments and pain--can be a powerful source of freedom and healing. 

It requires courage to be seen and to acknowledge where you have been hurt, and consider it a privilege to be with you in your pain. As we engage in this process together, I believe you will see there is a freedom to be found in your story. It is not my role to tell you what that will look like, but rather to support you as you find it for yourself.

I'm a therapist because I believe in this process and all that is waiting for you. If there's one thing I can promise you, it is that I will always encourage you, and hold hope for you and your healing. In the words of my own therapist, “if you don’t have any hope, you can always borrow some of mine.”