Counseling services

haven : a place of safety or refuge.
 This is the environment that I strive to facilitate for those seeking counseling services.
I help foster self-discovery, strength, and self-compassion among those I work with.

I love working with women in college, young adulthood, motherhood, careerhood, and beyond, and believe that women oftentimes need help:

  • finding our voice and using it

  • valuing ourselves

  • making sense of our experiences

  • managing anxiety and depression order to more fully grow and develop into who we are made to be.  

Whatever the issue, counseling helps you navigate your pain in a restorative way. Tailoring my approach to fit your needs, I strive to create an environment where clients feel heard, relieved, and hopeful about the future.


I have a limited number of openings for female adolescents, aged 16 and up,

in my practice.

Adolescence can be a trying time for both kids and parents.  I work with young women who are struggling with emotional ups and downs, anxiety and depression, and questions of identity - learning about who they are and exploring their hopes and goals for their future. 


Experiences like thoughts of suicide or cutting behaviors can be frightening. I have a limited number of slots available for adolescents in crisis, and can work with your family to navigate, stabilize, and heal from instances like these.    


Our closest relationships are often the stage where our most significant hurts and struggles are played out. In couples counseling, I seek to gain a clear understanding of the problem, foster more effective communication skills, and facilitate deeper levels of intimacy. I am also certified in Prepare / Enrich, a tool for premarital and marital couples to build relationship skills. 

Whether you are in crisis mode, or just wanting to improve your relationship, couples counseling is a great step towards greater clarity and connection.

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